Tracing Clothes

Now that we are finished with the skin, it’s time we do the clothes. Using the same techniques on tracing the skin, it’s going to be the same with the clothes and even easier. Using the pen tool and create a new shape layer and trace around the yellow top. This is how it should look like after you trace the shape of the yellow top.

Once you get a hang of it and if you finished tracing the skin and its shadows and highlights, you won’t have a hard time tracing the shirt. The red bikini is also made on a different shape layer so as the string design for the bikini. Here’s what it should look like.

You can really see now the details of what we have been working on. Now the only thing missing is the word “Kellogg’s” on the shirt. Just trace the shape of the word as usual and don’t worry about the holes on “e”, “o”, “gg” and “s” yet.

On the same shape layer trace the holes of the letters.

After tracing all the holes, use the path selection tool pathselect.gif to select all the holes that you made for the letter then click on the subtract from shape area option on your shape options tool box.

This will make the hole paths negative thus becoming a hole on the word. Check it out.

After that we can add the facial details and the hair and we’re almost done. This is how your work should look like by now.

Move on now to the next page for the facial details, hair and the baseball cap.

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